Keeping Up With Maija


The Horse's Quadriceps

This time Maija takes on the topic of the horse's quadriceps while painting them on a real horse. Is your horse having difficulty in the canter, jumping, and/or looking stiff behind? This may be related to the quadriceps.

3 Fun Horse Facts

Did you know that you and your horse have the same number of bones in your necks?

How about the fact that their are 10 different muscles that move your horse's ears?

Do you know which muscle is the largest in your horse?

You're about to find out!

One of the Most Important Structures in the Equine Neck:
The Nuchal Ligament

Maija takes a moment to go over the nuchal ligament with us while painting this structure on a real horse!

Watch the Equine Nuchal Ligament in Action!

Check out how the nuchal ligament moves on a real horse! This horse demonstrates on the lunge line.

The Most Interesting Muscle in Equine Anatomy

Learn about the muscle that Maija thinks is the most interesting in equine anatomy, the brachiocephalicus, while she paints it on a real horse!

The Brachiocephalicus Muscle in Action

Check out how the brachiocephalicus muscle moves on a real horse!

Does Your Horse Struggle with on & off Muscle Soreness?

Your horse may be struggling with something called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and we know how to help! Equine Massage has been proven to be an effective treatment for DOMS. Check out this video and learn more!