Keeping Up With Maija

For The Riders

Top 10 Reminders for all Equestrians

  1. You are enough for your horse!

  2. Trust the process. Good things take time.

  3. Have saddle fit checked every 6 months.

  4. Everyone was a beginner once.

  5. Teeth need to be floated at least once a year.

  6. Be quick to support other riders and slow to critique.

  7. Form a strong team with your vet.

  8. Grooming time = Bonding time

  9. Walk. A lot.

  10. Look your horse over every day.

Top 3 Favorite Products for Equestrians

Maija shares her top 3 favorite products/devices for equestrian self care. Take care of your bodies!

How to Use the Cervical Traction Device

Maija demonstrates how to use one of her favorite devices for equestrian self care, the cervical traction device. This device is incredible!

Top 3 Stretches that will Help you with the Sitting Trot

Maija demonstrates her top 3 stretches that will help you with sitting the trot. These stretches will help your hips follow your horse's movement. These are game changers!

What to Expect at the Start of Your Horse's Bodywork Session

Maija begins each session by evaluating the horse's gait to identify problem areas. This helps her determine where to focus during your horse's session. An equine bodywork session is so much more than just massaging the horse!

6 Steps to Saddle for Success

Are you saddling up the correct way? Check out this video and watch Maija demonstrate the 6 steps she takes to saddle a horse for success!

The Best Stretch for Riders who Struggle with a Chair Seat while Riding

Do you struggle with a chair seat while riding your horse? Check out this great quadriceps stretch that will help you in the saddle!

Let's Work Together

There are some things that an equine bodyworker can't tell just from evaluating a horse. Sometimes it's helpful if we work together and the owner, rider, trainer, whoever works closely with your horse, fills us in on certain things that we would not know about the horse otherwise. It takes a village!

How to Properly use a Shoulder Relief Girth on Your Horse

Maija chats about her thoughts and opinions regarding the shoulder relief girth while she demonstrates how to properly use it. Would you try this girth on your horse?