Client Testimonials




"Majia provides a nice depth of knowledge both in movement of horse and riding requires to help feel what is going on in their bodies. Her experiences both on and off the horse allows her to get the most of out her massages. She focuses on balance of muscle relaxation to create a more even horse."

-Allie Sacksen, 5* Eventer

"Maija gives the BEST MASSAGE I HAVE EVER HAD. Very calming, asked about the areas of my body that was sensitive and knew exactly what to do for me, she listens to me very keenly and knew what I wanted for a truly therapeutic experience. I felt entirely comfortable in her care, and was amazed by her strength and skill.I ABSOLUTELY recommend Maija. Thank you. I can't wait until my next session!"


"George has always had some straightness issues and was hard to get him through his back and over his topline. Even injections in the early spring and joint supplements didn’t seem to help. Maija came out and assessed him and noticed right away that his pelvis/hips were twisted. After just one session with him, not only did he feel so much better through his body, 3 days later we had a show where we had our best dressage score to date. Definitely going to keep using Maija as part of his regular maintenance routine. I’m sold!"

– Michelle and “George”

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