Bodywork for Riders

Is Your Body Holding You Back?

For years I, like many riders, have struggled with my sitting trot. I took lunge lessons, I watched youtube videos, I rode with respected trainers, and still, I found it impossible to swing my hips naturally to follow my horse’s movement. I found it so frustrating that I seriously considered giving up my dream of riding at the upper levels, doubting my talent. Luckily for me, it was around that time that I entered massage school, and started receiving regular massages. My instructor found my back and hips incredibly tight and showed me a diagram on a poster we had in class. It showed a pair of muscles on either side of the spine, that begin at the end of the mid back, fan out to the inner pelvis, and insert into the tops of each femur. “This is your iliopsoas,” she told me, “it’s your major hip flexor. Because you’ve been riding your whole life, and your hips are constantly flexing and extending to follow the horse, yours are very tight. I’m going to work on them for you.” After massaging me, she showed me a few stretches to do before I rode. The next day, and over the next months, I became more and more able to open my hips and master the elusive sitting trot. I thought to myself, "all this time I have been so frustrated and blaming my riding ability, when I have just been held back by a small mechanical obstacle in my own body". From then on, I made it my mission to help riders with bodywork.


In Home Massages

I offer house calls to riders, where I bring my massage table to your home or barn. From there, I evaluate your pelvis and we talk about what your strengths and weaknesses are as a rider. I focus my session on  finding and addressing unbalances in your body. We finish our time together with a comprehensive treatment plan to optimize your performance.